Located in the far Northeast corner of Dunn County, the Clarella Hackett Johnson Public Library is very important to the community of Sand Creek.

The library serves the people of the community and patrons from surrounding townships of Dunn, Barron, and Chippewa counties.

At 840 square feet, our library is one of the state’s smaller libraries, but we feature over 7,000 items for checkout (with more available through interlibrary loan and the MORE shared computer system) and have high-speed Internet and WIFI access available.

The C. H. Johnson Public Library was one of the first members of Indianhead Federated Library System (now IFLS Library System).

The Clarella Hackett Johnson Library is now located in the Old School Building.  It is named for Clarella Hackett Johnson, who is the person who suggested that the library become a state certified library and did the paperwork to make it a reality. 

The library has been in a variety of places in the town of Sand Creek.  It was started in the little room next to the cafeteria when the Sand Creek School was in session and after the school closed it moved to the “stone front building”.  When the town sold the building to Sand Creek Arts, Theatre and Recreation Corporation, and the town residents renovated the Old School Building, the Library moved back into the building in the mid-1990s.

In 2009 the library began its year-long fundraising to acquire funds to renovate the present library.  The Board of the Library realized that they could not ask the town for additional funds so the renovation was accomplished using donations of time and money, and grants from a variety of sources. 

Two spaghetti suppers and bake sales, a book sale and donations for “designated” book shelves, helped the library to purchase the wood for new library furnishings and carpet and paint.  Bob LeFevre donated his time to design and build new library shelves, circulation workstation and storage, and library computer station.  In late spring 2010, many Sand Creek residents (including the Sand Creek Pipers 4-H) helped move the books and the furniture; rip up carpet and take down the acoustical tile on the ceiling; varnish the wood ceiling paint and put everything back in place.

Clarella Hackett Johnson Public Library
P.O. Box 156
E9311 County Road I
Sand Creek, WI 54765


Mon, Wed, Fri 10 am - 5 pm
Sat 10 am - noon